Greetings, earthlings.

This isn’t the first website I’ve created, but it is the first one I’ve created just for me. …Unless I’m remembering wrong, in which case that site is approximately fifteen years old and probably shouldn’t count anyway. Teenage me was silly and didn’t know what she was doing. Adult me is STILL silly and doesn’t know what she’s doing, but I’m more willing to admit it.

In any case, my name is M. Elizabeth Ticknor. I’m presently an amateur writer and artist. I hope to someday make the shift from retail monkey to writer monkey (which, essentially, would mean writing for a living as opposed to holding down a day job and writing in my spare time). I’m fond of reading, writing, drawing, painting miniatures, and playing or running tabletop role-playing games. I’m definitely abnormal, but I’m happy that way.

I’m not hugely fond of blogging or social media, but I can appreciate the fact that others are fond of them so I’ll at least try to be semi-active on this part of the site. I have a bad history when it comes to any sort of journal-keeping, but this will be harder to forget than most. I’m still cobbling together the site as a whole, and things may end up changing drastically before all is said and done. I can promise this much: Whatever happens, I will strive to keep things interesting.

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