Thrills and Excitement

My first published short story, “A Matter of Interpretation,” will be available in Flame Tree Publishing’s “Heroic Fantasy” anthology on September 29th. It ended up being the first story in the book (although that looks to have everything to do with the fact that the story title begins with the letter “A”). The opening two pages of my story are included in the preview images for the book, which is equal parts exciting and terrifying.

There are a couple of Q&A blog posts you can look at, if you are so inclined: Part One talks about the inspiration for the various stories in the collection. Part Two discusses some of the authors’ favorite stories for the genre and their writing processes. Some of my inspirations ended up being rather… unorthodox. (My writing process didn’t end up being among the ones listed, but that’s okay–at this point, my writing process is still very fluid, because what works to get one story finished doesn’t always work for another one. I’m definitely still learning, in that regard.)

On another note, I’ve been seriously debating on creating a webcomic and hosting it on my site. I still have a lot of important details to work out, but I’ve been making progress here and there on the conceptual work (roughing out character sketches, writing character bios, that kind of thing). I still don’t have a title, though, and that seems at least vaguely important. I’ll keep poking at things and see what happens.

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