A dragon hatchling pounces its sibling
A picture of two dragon hatchlings, drawn for the twins’ baby shower invitation

I drew the following pictures for 3rd and Starlight. (These are not all the final, optimized images; some scanner lines are visible. I’ll hunt down the final images later when I have the chance.)

A flowerpot with a single flower, and a locket containing an engraving:
Illustration for “A Green Tongue,” by Frank Dutkiewicz
Cers glares at Tirian angrily and holds him aloft with one hand.
Illustration for “A Matter of Interpretation,” by M. Elizabeth Ticknor
A genie emerges from a lamp, much to Amma's surprise
Illustration for “Amma’s Wishes,” by M. E. Garber
A clapboard with clawmarks dug into its surface
Illustration for “Bad Actors,” by Julie Frost
Jasmine in the middle of her stripping routine
Illustration for “In the Heart of the Flesh,” by Scott R. Parkin
A dragon made of smoke emerges from a pearlescent orb
Illustration for “Last Time for Everything,” by K. L. Schwengel
A woman with tangled hair, massive quills coming out of her back, and abnormally large hands that end in claws
Illustration for “Red is the Color of My True Love’s Hair,” by William R. D. Wood
A cottage surrounded by sheep sits near a cliff-side lake
Illustration for “Shattered Vessels,” by Kary English and Dr. Robert B. Finegold
A human hand holding a mechanical hand
Illustration for “Skinners,” by Rachelle Harp
A tuft of fur, a cross, and a black feather
Illustration for “The Memory of Huckleberries,” by Rebecca Birch
A bridge made from the roots of living trees
Illustration for “The Root Bridges of Haemae,” by Sean Monaghan
A giant, anthropomorphic bee-man eating the remnants of a machine
Illustration for “The Last Temptation of Father Francis,” by Nick T. Chan and Jennifer Campbell-Hicks
An ornate cuckoo clock
Illustration for “The Waiting Room,” by Philip Brian Hall
A young boy stands in front of a worn and rusty jungle gym
Illustration for “Curing Day,” by Dustin Adams
A lamppost with street signs reading
Frontispiece for “3rd and Starlight,” edited by Dr. Robert B. Finegold