About the Author

Hello and welcome! I’m M. Elizabeth Ticknor–a genderfluid, neurodiverse speculative fiction author who shares a comfortable hobbit hole in Southeast Michigan with my wookiee husband and our twin baby dragons.

Elizabeth Ticknor_DSC05320

I recently put on my editor and co-illustrator’s hat and pulled together 4th and Starlight, an illustrated anthology featuring compelling new voices and rising stars in the genres of science fiction and fantasy.

I’ve been published in a number of different magazines and anthologies, including: Ren of the Thousand Faces, published online by Fireside Magazine; Echoes of Meridian, which won the Baen Fantasy Adventure Award and was published online by Baen Books; and The Phantom Carnival, published in Writers of the Future Volume 38.


My other interests include drawing, painting, and tabletop role-playing. (I drew the interior illustrations for 3rd and Starlight , as well as the cover and half the interior illustrations for 4th and Starlight; you can see some of my work in the art gallery linked above.) My current preferred gaming systems are Chronicles of Darkness and 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, but I also have a love for a number of other systems ranging from Pathfinder to Dread to Legend of the Five Rings.