Awards Eligibility 2020

Well, this is my first time doing an awards eligibility post on here, but let’s give it a try:

Firstly, my 4500 word short story, “Scars of Sentiment,” published by Flame Tree Press, should be eligible for the Hugo and Nebula Awards. It was published in the U.S., in the Epic Fantasy Short Stories anthology, on February 29th, 2020.

Secondly, my 4500 word short story, “The Endless Bazaar,” which was also published by Flame Tree Press, is eligible. It’s going to be published in the Strange Lands Short Stories anthology on Monday, December 7th.

I’m super proud of both these stories, by the way! “Scars of Sentiment” features two of my long-time favorite characters, and “The Endless Bazaar” is my first urban fantasy to see print. I hope you all enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Thrills and Excitement

Back in September, I applied for a scholarship to the Superstars Writing Seminars. I recently learned that I won said scholarship! It’s going to be my first writing convention, and I’m thrilled I’ll get the chance to attend.

I’ve also sold a story to Flame Tree Publishing’s Epic Fantasy anthology, which will be out in the US on January 29th. The story in question, “Scars of Sentiment,” means a lot to me for multiple reasons and I’m delighted that it’s going to see print.

New Site, New Rules


Let’s try this again! I’ve shifted my website over to WordPress, and am in the process of remodeling. I’m really excited for the change.

There’s a lot I meant to do with the previous site and I never seemed to have the energy to do it. A solid chunk of that was due to a series of unpleasant day jobs that left me stressed, both physically and mentally. Good news in that regard: I’ve got a new job that affords me a solid chunk of free time and is far more conducive to my mental and emotional well-being. I should be able to properly maintain my website, now. Eventually, I may actually get around to coding it myself! Gasp.

In the meantime, let’s just enjoy the ride, shall we?