Awards Eligibility, 2021

Hello, all! We’re keeping this one short and sweet. I have three stories eligible for awards, this year, all of them in the Short Story category:

White Sails and Stormy Seas, co-written with the wonderful Rebecca E. Treasure, was originally published in the Hold Your Fire anthology by Wordfire Press in February 2021.

Ren of the Thousand Faces was published in Fireside Magazine‘s May 2021 issue.

Echoes of Meridian won the Baen Fantasy Adventure Award and was published by Baen Books in September 2021.

Hearts Wreathed in Ivy was published in Upon a Thrice Time by Air and Nothingness Press in October 2021.

Two of the three stories are free to read online (and Upon a Thrice Time is an absolutely gorgeous anthology). Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day!