One Crazy Summer

After about a year of quiet on the story sales front, I’ve sold five this summer–one for a charity anthology, four at professional rates (and two of those came with extra, because they were contest wins)!

I won First Place in the 2nd Quarter for Volume 38 of Writers of the Future; the book will be forthcoming next year. I also won the Grand Prize for the Baen Fantasy Adventure Award, and my story, “Echoes of Meridian,” is available to read on their website.

Another story of mine, “Hearts Wreathed in Ivy,” is going to appear in the Upon a Thrice Time anthology, published by Air and Nothingness Press. The book is presently available for pre-order through their Kickstarter campaign, and will eventually become available on their website. (The other two anthologies in the series are hecking awesome, and they’ve put out a lot of other awesome books as well!)

I’ll save discussing the other two stories for a later blog post, when I can provide details and links. For now, rest assured that they’re waiting in the wings, and that I’m fond of both of them.

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